Oh My!

Last week was very challenging. Jaime finally came back home Wednesday night. Five (5) days alone with twin toddlers is NO JOKE! The first day I was really stressed because I was psyching myself out. By that night I was already in my usual groove. I really only lost my weekend to dive into work and night help. Other than that it was pretty much typical business. I would say the one thing that stank, was Eli coloring his self dark red. I had to work a little past naptime {big mistake!} and he got into my natural colorants. Berry powders stain folks! He was purple red for days and so was our favorite book, the floor and the wooden base of the kitchen island.

When Jaime finally came back to save me I dove into work for four days straight. My new projects are prepping and launching a final new section in my shop and finalizing shop cohesiveness. It's not easy work, especially when the person I work for {me} is the most persnickety person alive. I'll pick apart the tiniest imperfections until madness sets in. It's definitely a slow, long term process. 

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