{review} InStyler

I always keep my eye out for new products and am not afraid to try anything "as seen on TV." I can honestly say that any of the gimmicky products I've bought so far, have worked impressively and just like claimed. One of my favorite finds: my InStyler hair straightener.

I have been using my InStyler for 2 years now. Yes you read right, two years. I previously used all sorts of flat irons that cost as much as $350+ and were used by the pros. I had been looking into InStyler for a few years, when I finally saw them use it in person on The View. The girl had dried and styled curly hair that they straightened it in minutes. I bought one that day.

I will never use another hair straightener again. It is the only one I have ever used where I can wear my hair curly one day, not wash my hair the next, straighten and have fresh, clean perfectly straight hair. I could never do that with a flat iron no matter how many times I rolled over the area. It would always have waves at the roots. Not with InStyler.

I also don't have to blow my hair with a roller brush to pre-prep my hair for straightening like a regular flat iron. I can blow dry it curly, then roll it straight, or my favorite: air dry curly while I take care of my kids and straighten it later when I have time.

Other Amazing Pros:
  • I can literally straighten my hair in less than 5 minutes, even when my hair was super long 2 years ago
  • My InStyler has lasted over 2 years with use at least 5 days out of the week, with no problem, and is still going strong
  • You get a second one for free that you can either save for a backup, sell on Ebay or give to a friend or family member as a great gift
  • It is ready to use in less than a minute
  • You never have to roll over the same area more than once, saving your hair from further damage that a regular flat iron might cause
  • Now they come in 2 really cool colors besides the traditional silver
  • It's also now available in 2 sizes

  • You can also use it to curl hair and/or add all the volume you want

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