When You're in my Shoes

Over the weekend I finally got my way and bought some "Mommy's Little Helpers." AKA: Kids Harnesses.

What spurred the sudden need, was our shopping trip to Macy's. The kids are really well behaved in shopping carts and strollers if you're moving, but if you're stopping and actually shopping, they get super antsy. So, when we're all going out I prefer to let them stretch their legs and get rid of some of that new baby energy. I was looking at a tunic top for 2 minutes and the kids went running in opposite directions. I couldn't even catch up to Jaime who caught one and was running after the other. I had to drop the top and flee all the way through the store where I finally caught up at the perfume counter. Thank goodness the store was completely empty.

With a lot of coercing, I finally got Jaime to check out the way they look online. Most people imagine the dog leashes that give or take slack and they aren't like that at all. They are totally adorable and a lot of parents, especially parents of multiples, NEED them. They are just little animal backpacks with extended animal tails that parents can hold. I can't wait for them to arrive next week. We'll be strutting our stuff all around town. We got two little monkeys - SO CUTE!

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