The Drought Begins

Like anyone who writes, I have periods of complete and utter famine. My brain is dry and trying to tap into a single idea I can run with, is futile. The drought snuck up on me last weekend. I'm usually pretty good with this. I haven't gone through a complete dry spell in some time. I am prepared for these types of things.

How I Cope
I keep two different documents.

One is a calendar for officially scheduled blog posts. When I have a good idea, maybe even some pictures ready, I pencil it in. They are subject to move from time to time when looking back on the subject bores me, but they are official topics that will eventually get addressed.

The other is an idea log. I also have a second idea log in my phone. When I get a thought I feel I might want to write out, I jot down a few sentences and a title if one comes to mind. I save them for days like these.

My Recent Problem
I can't seem to fully think out anything. I'm lucky I'm even writing this right now. I actually gave up, laid in bed to take a few minute pity nap and this idea popped into my head. I jumped up and wrote quick before it floated away.

Droughts like these can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. They irritate me!! It's not that I need a subject just for subjects sake, it's that blogging is my outlet. If I don't organize and pull things out of my head, they get all muddled up and drive me crazy. Blogging gives me direction, helps me to see things clearer, helps me to see things from other peoples prospective and basically Spring Cleans my mind daily. I need to blog. It's therapeutic.

What do you do when you get writers block? When you lose interest in topics? When you're dying to write and just can't focus on any one thing??          

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