First Trip Back

We've been planning our first trip back to Virginia since moving to Missouri last summer. We wouldn't ordinarily travel back so soon, but my sister's wedding is coming up in May. You can miss a lot of things, but weddings are a "be there or be square" event. I'm super excited!! I'm actually the Maid of Honor, so I'm practically the bride -JUST KIDDING- My sister has been working her tail off to put together the entire event. She is most certainly the bride and probably feeling every bit of it with the date so near.

Besides Maid of Honor, I've excitedly taken on the task of producing the wedding favors. It's a huge job, but nothing I haven't done many times before. The theme of the favors match the spring beach wedding theme. The design is based on waves crashing over the sand with a scent blend of tropical flowers, tropical fruit, sea, salt and sand. I pre-married the essential oils so they can develop before production next week. It literally smells like when it rains Oceanside in the tropics.

I'm looking forward to taking a week or two out of shop, blog and other work to relax. Well, relax in the sense that I won't be doing my usual thing. It's going to be a flood of events that entire week, plus the long drive to and fro, but we are sooooooo looking forward to it.      

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