A Good Apartment is a Treasure

In the past I've lived in some crusty apartments. It took a lot of trial and error before I found the trick to finding the perfect one. It's been years, but from the past, I'm talking mold, AC and heating units broken, roach infestations, broken water heaters, bad neighborhoods, carpet that had to be at least 10 years old and grossly worn, giant holes in the ceiling where you could literally see the sky and so much more.

For anyone out there that may be looking into their first apartment or a new one, I thought I would share the simple trick to the perfect apartment. I would hate for anyone to live in the types of places I have in the past, if I can help prevent it in any way.

The Absolute Most Important Tool
Apartment Ratings {click to visit}. You can search by state, zip code, or apartment name if you already have one in mind. They break everything down for you. Actual tenants leave there own reviews on parking, maintenance, noise, safety, office staff and more. Some people will even post their own photos so you can really see what each place looks like in comparison to the doctored photos on the apartment sites.

Take your time, read through the reviews and comments on each review. I would have to say that even the best apartments have ratings around 85%. I would shoot for 85% and above. Not everyone is going to be perfectly happy. You just have to take into account what is most important to you.

A few homes ago we lived in a place that has a 21% recommended rating and reviews really dogging the place. We didn't know about Apartment Ratings. It was one of the worse years of my life. Fast forward a few years and we're living in the first community I've ever found with a 100% recommended rating. Our place is amazing. It's quiet, parking is private, guest parking is ample, the neighborhood is safe and private - all really important things to us with young children.

I have Apartment Ratings to thank for finding the perfect temp home while we house hunt. I highly suggest the site for anyone looking to rent -and- Happy Moving!!

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