I'm Old

I need more sleep! I keep saying that to myself and I never get around to it. By the time the kids go to bed I'm enjoying my "me" time so much, I won't go to bed until midnight or later. It is aging me! Before I had kids people use to think I was 20. Now, I don't get carded anymore. I guess that puts me at 40 or more. Ugh! I think I might be well past the time when extra sleep and a few cucumber slices over the eyes will help. I feel like the crypt keeper.

Over the weekend we went to the Carter's Outlet. I didn't even know they had one until my friend Angie mentioned it. We went wild buying shirts, shorts and baby rompers!! I love those things. They are sooooooo cute on little kids and babies. Just the trip to the huge outdoor shopping center and lunch was enough to nock all of us out but Jaime. I don't know where he gets the energy. They need to sell a new energy drink called "Man Energy." I'd try it. Maybe I could also cut out one carb a day and lose 500 pounds like guys do.

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