My Bloggaversary

It's my 1 year official blog anniversary and what did I get? A bill for my domain. YAY! I felt so extra special.

Why Did I start Blogging
I actually started for family. After I had the twins, I was so busy and it was so hard to go out often. I thought it would be the best way to keep everyone updated. I started really slow the first 6 months, because even though we had a lot going on, I still didn't have a ton of time and family was close enough to catch up on most things. Most of what everyone would have missed, was photos.

When Did I Get Serious
Well, I guess I wouldn't call it serious, but after I moved from Virginia to Missouri last summer, I started blogging most every day. Now no one is near us and the only way to see the kids is through my photos, stories and videos.

What Topics Do I Like to Blog
I blog about whatever comes to mind. I'm an active Etsy member, big supporter of handmade, vintage, upcycled and I love to cook. I'm also totally addicted to natural and organic and I'm a really silly person. All of those things have come together in this blog, which has turned into an eclectic mix of everything mentioned above. Sometimes I'm funny, sometimes I'm serious, sometimes I'm randomly all over the place. That's just me and it describes my life perfectly. All over the place.

What Has Happened Over the Past Year
It's endless really. We've moved twice. Once down the street and once over 1100 miles. The twins turned 1. We had firsts of a lot of things: haircuts, trips to Busch Gardens, cake, solid food, playing outside, long walks, fires in our fireplace. Jaime and I were in a really great weekend market during the summer before we moved, again. We have shopped! Goodness, we have bought everything under the sun.


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