Say YAY for Spring and Summer

I finally put out my new spring/summer 2012 handmade soap and solid shampoo editions. I have been so busy I ran almost a month behind schedule. On the bright side, I still beat spring so, booyah! There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into adding even one item. I typically go through 4 time consuming stages...

  • The Planning Stage: Tapping into what I think will go best with the new season, drawing visual inspiration, finding the right ingredients to achieve the outcome, then redesigning based on what ingredients are needed.
  • The Hunting Stage: I track down all the ingredients I need, order and wait. BORING! During this stage I take the extra time to knock out all of my descriptions and ingredient lists. It saves so much time later.
  • The Creations Stage: This is where ideas and ingredients come together. I create, wait, test, wait some more and hope everything turns out like calculated within a timely period.
  • The Listing Stage: This is a really tedious stage filled with photography, photo editing and cleaning up descriptions and ingredient lists. Then, everything finally goes live and a new listing is born! Yay!

So, with no further adieu - My new shop editions:

Roman Fennel all natural Handmade Soap
An intoxicatingly sweet pure blend of roman fennel essential oil and apricot seed powder. This handmade soap helps to fight cellulite, tension and stress, as well as lightly exfoliate.

Salted Sea Clay all natural Handmade Soap
A very unique and indulgent soap creation - Colored naturally with sea clay and enriched with dead sea salt and unrefined butters of cocoa and shea. The natural aroma of salt water and sand is complimented with a very light touch of coconut milk, vanilla powder, fresh crisp lemon, sweet orange and lavender. This soap truly embodies everything that is beautiful and beach.

Lemongrass Sage all natural Handmade Soap
A fresh, clean and wholly invigorating blend of crisp lemongrass and soft sage. Leaves skin soft, smooth and beautifully healthy.

Bamboo Lemon all natural Handmade Soap
A clean, crisp blend of wild bamboo stalks, sweet Italian bergamot peel, bright lemon verbena and exotic orchid. Blended with colloidal oatmeal and unrefined butters of cocoa and shea. This soap is decadent, skin pampering, creamy, rich and extremely soothing.

Ginger Lime all natural Handmade Soap
A crisp, sweet and spicy blend of ginger, lime, apple and orange. Topped with a hefty sprinkling of dead sea salt for extra mineral richness and exfoliation qualities. Very zesty and always refreshing.

Fresh Cucumber Solid Shampoo
The embodiment of garden freshness. A pure blend of delicate cucumber, coconut and sunflower oils. Soy protein is added to nourish and moisturize, sugar to soothe and soften and is naturally colored with ground cucumber powder.

Honey Lavender Solid Shampoo
A unique and complex blend of the entire lavender plant and sweet honey. A very brisk, refreshing combination. A delicate cleansing blend of coconut and sunflower oils. Soy protein is added to nourish and moisturize, sugar to soothe and soften and is naturally colored with ground purple florists cineraria.

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