They're Back!!

I don't know if they were pulled and came back, or if they have been hiding where I couldn't find them for years -but- the Duncan Hines streusel topping blueberry muffins are at Wal-Mart. They came out with them years ago and called them "Bakery Style."

I'm actually not a big blueberry muffin fan because they aren't a cupcake and they certainly aren't a real breakfast food to me. I'm more of a balanced breakfast gal. I eat lunch and dinner for breakfast or fruit and eggs - something really filling and less carby. When they came out with bakery style, I was floored. I actually loved them. I made them often for almost a year, then they disappeared. I figured they fell into the same black hole as Crystal Clear Pepsi.

Well, my husband loves blueberry muffins. I was going to make them just for him and stumbled across a box of what they now simply call "Streusel Topping" blueberry muffins. I was so excited the other shoppers probably thought I was insane. I made them Sunday morning and they are as good as I built them up to be in my head. Run out and get some, you won't be sorry. Blueberry muffin lovers and haters love them all alike.

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