Put Me in the Back

In about 5 weeks we're flying back to Virginia for my little sisters wedding. Yes - I said flying!! I am starting to completely freak out about it. We were originally planning to drive, but losing 4 days on the road was cramping our entire visit. To be honest, besides the shortened stay, I was really looking forward to a road trip. I actually love driving long days and stopping at strange new places, especially weird old country stores. They have all the best junk.

With the flight coming so close I've been dredging up anything and everything that could go wrong. Hubby and I are having constant debates like, sitting near the front or by the restrooms? What kinds of toys to bring on the plane? How to keep the kids happy and quiet? How messy is feeding going to be?

I wasn't to worried until they started going through this most recent stage of fussiness. It's like all the sudden they are totally aware of everything and any change makes them crazy. I would ordinarily not give a hoot, but I do actually feel bad for other people on the plane - if they are nice anyway. If I get dirty looks they'll be hauling me via air security. I'm probably the craziest traveler of our bunch.

So now I'm all hopped up and stressed thinking about how I'm going to have to beat up people. I'm hoping it's like most anything else where it's way smoother than it was going in my head. If anyone has a suggestion of something we should do or bring, PLEASE send it my way!! I will be forever grateful. I don't like living and learning with some things, I love and need advice in this area.

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