{review} The Beetle's Knees

Most of you already know that I'm a huge fan of Etsy. I sell Etsy, I buy Etsy and I hunt and share Etsy. I'm always on the lookout for new shops and sometimes find them in the strangest ways. I had the pleasure of discovering The Beetle's Knees when we were featured in a treasury together. The featured item was a complete set of vintage Melmac cups and saucers in lemon yellow. I could not take my eyes off of them.

When I strutted into the shop, I fell even more in love. I am crazy about vintage. Jen {owner/operator} has the best collection of vintage houseware and retro home decor. With our family about to close on a home and my design esthetic being very much vintage French country, The Beetle's Knees is a gold mine of amazing finds.

Another section of the shop that had me going wild was the handmade wallet selection. They have the most authentic designs created from vintage magazines and advertisements. They are so beautifully crafted, unique and certainly one of a kind.

Lastly, but certainly not my last favorite section {I could go on for days about each and every item in the entire shop}, I can't get over the vintage for kids. They have the best assortment of vintage cups, games, movie players, invitations and more. I don't know any mom who wouldn't get a kick out of throwing a kids vintage Smurfday Party.

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