A Baby Bunny Tale

The boys have the cutest new little bunny friend. He showed up a few days ago when the county finished our fence for the walkway project. I suppose I should back up a bit...

In our neighborhood they decided to build this great walkway. For extra privacy and protection, they put up a duo of fences - first a smaller metal gate, then a tall privacy fence. To finish the project they had to tear down a third of our existing fence.

Well, baby bunny must have snuck in before the job was done because the day the fence was enclosed, he was here to stay. He's taken up shelter under our shed. He's super curious about my babies. He lets them come close and watch him eat. So far we've been feeding him lettuce, but have plans to get some super fancy bunny nums on my next grocery stop. I'm hoping within the next few weeks he'll want to officially be our bunny. He looks so cuddly - I'm dying to pet him.


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