Ingredients Corner - Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is a very aromatic resin that is tapped from a tree, pretty similarly to the way real maple is gathered. The essential oil is extracted from the tears {hardened resin} by steam distillation, where the originally deep earthy scent, becomes sweeter and cleaner. The final product is very warm and woody, with a slightly fruity sweet spice kick to it. It really is a beautiful scent. I'm always adding it as a base in solid parfum recipes, handmade soaps, facial cleansers, facial lotions and solid lotions.

Frankincense Essential Oil Benefits in the Bath and Beauty World:
  • Facial Care: Frankincense essential oil helps to keep the skin youthful and firm. It actually helps to tone and lift the skin, helping it to appear very smooth.
  • Full Body Care: Frankincense has natural antiseptic properties that can help to kill bacteria, which is wonderful for head to toe use, especially any areas that are prone to breakouts. It is also a natural treatment to help lighten scars and stretch marks.

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