Anniversaries, Holidays and Kitty Cats

Over the past week my husband and I had our anniversary. We were married on the 4th of July in Costa Rica, four years ago - a stress free semi-elopement.

For gifts we bought each other home improvement items that we've been drooling over. For my husband, everything we need to thicken our lawn, water and keep it green. For me, a towel and hand towel hanger to finish off the master bath and a tin of butter toffee. I couldn't help myself. We hung out all day and did house and lawn work, then watched the fireworks from the top level of our deck with the kids. It was a good day.

The cats are finally named, if you even want to call them names. We had gone weeks calling them Kitty and Sweet Kitty, so that they shall remain. They are almost completely indistinguishable from each other, but after a little time spent we can tell them apart by their personalities and the slight difference in head size from Kitty to Sweet Kitty. Sweet Kitty is shier, cautious and as the name depicts, totally sweet. Kitty {or crazy kitty as we sometimes call her} is brazen and not afraid to come at you teeth and claws raring.


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