Hot or Not

I was riding along the other day beside a Sherwin-Williams truck and noticed the logo they have, and have had, apparently since around 1893. Vintage is hot, but I'm thinking this old logo is not. I understand not wanting to mess with something that is working, like the original Coca-Cola recipe - but when a company is well known worldwide and changing the logo isn't going to change the formula, why not update to something a little more earth friendly?

Maybe the original thought was to color the earth in beautiful colors, but all I see is a big toxic mess slathering the earth like ketchup. I have to say, it is odd.  People had strange ideas 100 years ago. 

The really wild thing is that Sherwin-Williams makes a line of eco-friendly VOC alternatives and other earth friendly options. I love the "Green Sure" logo, and the "Ask Sherwin-Williams" logo over the open paint can background would make a great replacement. In this particular case, I'm thinking vintage isn't best. I'm looking forward to a possible update in the future.

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