{recipe} Mini Raspberry Cream Cookies

This is my absolute crowd pleasing favorite recipe. It's a self dreamt twist on an old classic my mother taught me, her mother taught her, and so on - The Big Cookie. What started out enormous is tidied up, refined and modernized. It is ridiculously easy and in one bright and refreshing bite, says I care. The compliments are endless if you bring these little guys to your next get together.

1 log Pillsbury sugar cookie dough
50 fresh raspberries
1 package cream cheese, left out to room temp
1 cup sugar

  • Variations: You can also go 100% homemade by making your own from scratch cookie dough. The fruit is also easily exchangeable. Some other favorites of mine are blackberries, strawberry slices or kiwi.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.  Divide the cookie dough log in half.  Press each half into a greased cookie sheet {you'll need 2} in a 1/4 inch thin layer, keeping the dough about 1 inch from the edge for room to expand. Bake them until just baked and barely lightly golden. Remove the cookie pizzas from the oven and pat them lightly with a spatula to make them fall and flatten out a bit.

Let them cool just enough so that they are cuttable, but not starting to harden; approximately 10 minutes. With either a 1 inch, or 1.5 inch round cookie cutter {you can also use a shot glass}, cut all of your mini cookies and set aside to cool completely.

Mix together the cream cheese and sugar until smooth. It only takes a minute or two. Spread the icing onto each mini cookie, then top all of the iced mini cookies with 1 fresh raspberry. Voila! Easy as...well, cookies!

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