End of Season

I am very sad to see the following 5 handmade soap blends shift out of shop. In other areas of the shop, blends come and go, but when it comes to my handmade soaps, I've kept the same basic signature blends for years. These five fellows have been with me since the very beginning. It's not that I don't love them, and it's not that they don't sell incredibly well {especially the rare and illusive Obscure Heliotrope}, it's just that it's time to say goodbye to some oldies and hello to the fabulous and new! So as I say a sad farewell, I look forward to announcing my 5 exciting new blends - that announcement to come soon. Without any further ado:

Some blends may still be available in the Milk and Honey Naturals {Etsy Shop} for a short time as they are weaned out of stock - if any of these are a fave of yours, be sure to grab them while they're still around.

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