New! and End of Season


Lemon Lavender Solid Shampoo
A therapeutic, clean and invigorating blend of olive wood, lemon, lime and lavender. A very light and airy combination.

Lemon Ginger Solid Conditioner
A bright and fresh combination of hearty lemongrass, fresh, earthy sage and spicy ginger.

Vanilla Walnut Solid Conditioner
A warm and comforting blend of vanilla, walnut and banana with a dash of cinnamon.

Natural Tea Tree Deodorant
As Seen Here, on The Everything Soap Blog: An oil free, butter based deodorant that is antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, cicatrisant and keeps odor under control. Applies quickly, stores at room temperature and glides on smooth and creamy. Has a lovely earthy tea tree scent from the tea tree essential oil, making this deodorant a wonderful choice for both men and women.

End of Season

-- To be replaced with fall and winter blends. Still some stock left - stock up while supplies last. --

Honey Lavender Solid Shampoo
A unique and complex blend of the entire lavender plant and sweet honey. A very brisk, refreshing combination.

Lemon Vanilla Solid Conditioner
A sweet and comforting blend of fresh lemon, creamy vanilla and sugar beet.

Lavender Palmarosa Solid Conditioner
An herby floral blend of blue lavender and palmarosa essential oils.

All Blends Currently Availible at the Milk & Honey Naturals {Website} and {Etsy Shop}

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