{recipe} Fried Plantain Chips

Over the weekend I found some beautiful green plantains at the Historic Downtown Market - a place we like to frequent on the weekends. We were looking for fresh ingredients for my family famous civiche, and decided to pick up a few plantains for a quick and easy side dish.

You don't have to be prepping a Spanish style dinner to have fried plantains. They are super inexpensive, really easy to make and everyone loves them - even insanely picky eaters.

They aren't anything like a banana or banana chips. They fry up exactly like potato chips. They also taste very similar to potato chips, but even better. The great thing about replacing store bought potato chips with fried plantains for a fun snack, is that they are full of vitamins A, C, B6, E, K, Folate and a few important others. You don't have to share that fact though - just let them think they are eating junk food.

1 large green plantain
2-4 cups peanut or canola oil
Salt to taste

Either heat a deep fryer, or the 2-4 cups of oil in a deep skillet, to 375 degrees. Cut off both ends of the plantain, then slice a little way into the outer shell, all the way down the back and front, lengthwise. Peel off the exterior of the fruit and discard. Cut the inside into thin slices. Toss gently into the preheated oil for 3-4 minutes. You'll know they are done when they are a deep yellow to golden brown color and floating on the top of the oil. You can even give them a little tap with a fork and they will sound and feel hard. Transfer to a paper towel, lightly salt and serve!     


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