Revisiting an Old Classic

Almost 2 decades ago, I watched "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir." I hadn't watched since, but thought of the movie often over the years. It was one of those films that were so odd, they really stick with a person. I never knew the title of the movie until it showed up on my Netflix.

I finally got the perfect rainy day to stay in and re-watch. I have to say, even though the flick is 65 years old, it is still really remarkable. It's funny - even though I don't think it was trying to be in its time - romantic and easy to see why it's a classic. I highly recommend watching on a day when in the mood for a silly ghost romance.

The movie is set in London during the turn of the century. A beautiful widow, played by Gene Tierney, decides to finally claim a life of her own. She moves to the seaside in a house haunted by a really rude sea captain. The entire movie is about them calling a bit of a truce and becoming friends and allies. I'd love to see someone undertake the classic and make a modern version. Definitely a must see.

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