Current Promotions

We are so excited to welcome fall! We have a variety of promotions and features going on via our main {website}:
We have a variety of handmade soaps that have been introduced into our signature collection, as well as a few new solid hair care products that have hit the shop.
Our special seasonal shopping guide has been updated to include all of our past signature fall favorite creations, throughout the entire brand.
To introduce our new shop arrivals, we're offering a "Four for $18" promo on all of our new handmade soap blends
For our fall lover shoppers, we're also offering a "Six for $26" promo on all of our fall favorite handmade soap blends, with a few new signature blends snuck in because we know it is only a matter of time before they become signature fall favorites.
We're currently offering Free Shipping on all domestic orders that total $100 or more.
All Promos are Currently Available in the Milk & Honey Naturals Main {Website}

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