Happy Labor Day

I hope everyone is having a safe and awesome Labor Day weekend. We've been doing the usual - good food and hanging out at home. It's difficult to make big plans with twin toddlers, so we bring the party to ourselves. I've been making special dishes indoors - Eggs Benedict, Chocolate Souffle, Italian Style Lemon Chicken, etc... -and-

Jaime has a new gas smoker he's madly in love with. I'm so happy we could get it for him. We have a giant charcoal smoker, but it doesn't add up financially unless smoking in bulk, plus, it's ridiculously hard to keep temp.

Before Jaime went into the technology field, he put his self through college working at a smoke house. That man can smoke electric and gas style like no other. It's been so amazing having main dinner entrees completely lifted off my schedule. He's smoked a huge variety of things from the usual - ribs, whole chicken, chicken wings, etc... - to the unusual - Turducken, wild game, whole salmon, etc...

We've already started to test out smoking Swai, and have a long list of smoking rarities we'll be giving a try, and, we will be sharing tips, tricks and recipes - so, if you are a mid-west smoker - look forward to that -and- Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours!!

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