New! Solid Parfum Collection Launch

After many weeks of researching a cohesive collection, dabbling with top, middle and base notes and touching up photography and descriptions - the new collection has finally lauched! We are very proud to present:

The Star-Crossed Lovers Collection
A collection of famous lovelorn maidens from history whose relationships were thwarted by outside forces.

Layla Angelique
Inspired by Layla of Layla and Majnun: This solid parfum is a stunningly sophisticated blend of pineapple, rose, jasmine, vetiver and black current. This solid parfum is beautiful, entrancing, soft and feminine.

Tres Naturel
Inspired by Catherine Earnshaw of Wuthering Heights: This solid parfum is a very robust and enticingly feminine blend of rose, lily, mandarin, gardenia and iris. This solid parfum is spontaneous, natural, beautifully mischievous, willful and whimsical.

Belle Femme
Inspired by Iseult of Tristan and Iseult: This solid parfum is an alluring, chic blend of pear, violet and hydrangea. This solid parfum is extraordinarily beautiful, soft and feminine.

Juliet Amour
Inspired by Juliet of Romeo and Juliet: This solid parfum is an extremely feminine and fresh blend of jasmine, melon and rose. This solid parfum is youthful, sweet, innocent, feminine and beautiful.

Available Now at Both the Milk & Honey Naturals main {Website} and {Etsy Shop}


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