Being "Naturally" Thin

You want the formula - here are the basics:

Let me preface by saying that "thin" to me, is anyone within their BMI range. In a natural BMI range, you can be pretty small, or the perfect normal healthy size. I never mean thin to be underweight. I just call that unhealthy. So these tips will help anyone remain within there natural BMI range, with little to no effort at all.

Weight is a constantly rotating issue through most people's heads, whether there in control of it or not. Being naturally thin is a term that is thrown around a lot, often at people who seemingly eat whatever they want and never gain an ounce. The thing is, being naturally thin is sort of an accidental balancing act. You can pretty much eat whatever you want and stay in a perfectly acceptable weight range, and here are some easy, no hassle tips on how...

  • Choose whole grain. You can still eat your pastas, bread, cereal, etc...but try and find whole grain, whole wheat, etc...Brands like Cascadian Farm Organic have even redesigned the same kid faves like Cocoa Puffs and Cinnamon Toast Crunch in organic versions, and they are GOOD!

  • If you're a meat eater, buy organic whenever possible. The hormones that regular products are full of can imbalance your own, making it harder to maintain your natural weight.

  • Eat whatever you want, only when you're hungry and stop when you are full. That is the most important tip. If I wake up and all I want is fried eggs, I fry two of them, eat them - then stop. If all I want for dinner is cheese, crackers and a handful of caramels - I do that too. I've even woken up, on several occasions, and ate a giant slice of cherry pie for breakfast. I never have cravings lingering over my head and I don't binge eat because I denied something I wanted for days, then crashed on it anyway after eating a forced meal I didn't want, just adding up the calories.

  • Don't be afraid of coffee. Keep it as low cal as possible, meaning don't binge on a 260 calorie Caffe Mocha. A small cup of caffeinated coffee can increase the metabolism anywhere from 8 to 11 percent for up to 12 hours.

  • Throw out any beverages other than water {besides the coffee of course}. Drinking calories is such a waste, unless you are making whole fruit smoothies as a meal or snack replacement. Soda is junk and it is much better to eat fruit than drink the barely fruit juice from the market.

  • Junk smart. My vice is chocolate and caramel. My favorite thing to keep in the fridge is a small bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips and a small bag of caramel chips. Almost every night when I'm chilling out, I'll eat a few of each. It completely keeps me in check dessert wise.

  • Know how to divvy up the really bad foods. If you're dying for McDonald's, don't get an enormous combo with a soda. Try a Happy Meal, or even something you can split and save. I'll typically just get an order of fries. If I go to Arby's, I'll buy a sandwich, eat half, and eat the second half for my next meal.

  • Try to focus on junk food with real food in it. Instead of eating a piece of chocolate cake loaded with nothing but sugar, switch it for fruit pie. There is a tier of smarter dessert choices and none of them have to be artificial skim hoopla. Some more slightly more nutritious choices: sorbet, fruit cobblers, fruit tarts, chocolate dipped fruit, banana split, angel food cake with fruit topping, blueberry muffins - the list goes on.

  • Be creative and expand your menu, not limit it. Having a constant variety of fresh foods and endless choices and trade outs for everything you want will keep you going steady. There are tons of free resources for creative new ideas like Cooking Light online. You don't even have to follow the recipes perfectly, you can use them for a jumping off point to inspire your own recipes.

  • Sneak in the vegetables wherever you can. Fruits and vegetables boost your metabolism and help to keep you fuller longer. You don't have to gag down a full cup of steamed peas, but you can order a pizza, supreme, light on the meat, light cheese and extra veg. It's pretty darn good. You'd be surprised.

  • Bake whenever you can. Craving chicken too! I bake mine from scratch instead of frying, and especially instead of eating them from restaurants or the frozen food section. Baked with salt and pepper until crispy - hubby likes to dip his in straight hot sauce, I use good old blue cheese. Bake your own fries, bake homemade tortilla chips - bake, bake, bake.

  • Make everything at home that you can. You can cut out an endless list of preservatives and insane artificial ingredients if you cook the same exact thing you want at home.  If you absolutely don't have the time to make it, find it as natural as possible, or organic. 

There are an endless amount of tips I can add to this list, like being very active in the bedroom with your partner, laughing often, going for daily nature walks, replacing TV with a book - but this is a great jumping off point. Happy being healthy!

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