Decorating 101

We finally got around to sprucing up our mantle and fireplace a little bit over the holiday week. We've moved so many times in the past 7 years, that I had actually stopped decorating completely until I knew we would be settled for at least 3 years. It takes time and patience to run a theme through an entire home, and without the time - I don't have the patience.

We simply added little self created glass arrangements, a piece of bronzed metal wall art, a fireplace screen to keep the kids and cats from playing in the darn thing, and all of our much needed fireplace hardware. We're considering it an early Christmas gift to each other.

Now that we've tacked the center of the home, we'll finally be able to move forward to other rooms with the same feel. Family Room - Done. Kitchen - Done. I'm thinking we'll tackle the dining area next, which puts us in the market for a new table set and some unique art. If anyone has any suggestions on fun pieces, has their own art studio, does wood work, etc... - please feel free to send links my way. I'm always open to unique finds.

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