Early Happy Thanksgiving

Ahhhhhhh, my favorite holiday. I love food, Thanksgiving revolves around it. All good things. This will be our second year just immediate family - husband, wife, twin boys. We had a tradition back in VA before we moved away, where everyone brought their best dish. I highly suggest pot lucking it one year to see how you like it, instead of taking on the entire job as a single person. Every year we had such an amazing assortment - fried turkey, baked turkey, a variety of stuffing's, bread, pies, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, she crab soup...and the best part...enough people to eat it all.

Now that I don't have the luxury of combining talents with multiple people, I keep the job simple. This year I'm making my famous walnut and apple stuffed citrus chicken, mozzarella caprese and a homemade apple pie. That's it - yup, that's the list. It's super simple, but very classy, special, well rounded and incredibly filling.

If there is something else we crave down the road like sweet potatoes, yeast rolls, green bean casserole, etc...I just add it to any other day. With just the four of us, we can't handle making and eating every holiday food in inexistence in one single day. I'm not sure I'd even live to tell the tale.

Everyone stay happy, stay warm and stay safe. Happy Holiday!

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