Ceviche {revisited}

We've already been talking Christmas menu between family this past week. Yes, it is super early - but we're going to have a houseful for 10 days or so. I like to be prepared way in advanced - plus - I'm always excited because I get to use my group recipes. There are some things I make that can't be cut down in size, so I only get to create them when I have extra people to cook for.

ANYWAY - we were talking ceviche! I fell madly in love with it when we went to Costa Rica 5 years or so ago. Ceviche is a fresh, invigorating and super healthy dish. You can make it with white fish, shrimp, scallops, and a few others, but those three variation are my fave. If you like bright, citrus, Caribbean dishes you HAVE to give civeche a try. I make a one of a kind recipe. It's got a lot more flavors and fresh additives than the traditional - it's out of this world. You can check out my recipe {HERE}.

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