I failed in the area of putting together a baby book, but thrived in live feed and photos. It turns out I'm not a hands on real life scrap book type of gal - and that is totally okay! - but more of an online collection type of person. I'm so, SO happy too. I was downloading the first video I took the time to cut and edit in almost a year, when I started checking out my older creations. It is so crazy looking back, when a time in our life is done and past, to see everything live.

I cannot tell you how important it is to cut interesting videos to look back on. I'm not a pro editor by any means, but I do know how to make normal moments a little more pepped up for my own viewing pleasure in the future. If I were to pick one bit of advice to leave new parents, it would be to take the time to capture everything you can!! Even if you are tired and hate your life at the moment you are capturing something, when you peek back a year later, all you'll see is the cute you missed in your parental haze. The opportunity to reflect back and gather the pieces you thought didn't exist, is priceless.



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