{review} Medifast Weight Loss Program - Part II

Reading this post, I’m just under 2 weeks on Medifast. I thought I would take the time to share some info and my overall thoughts of the program so far. I’m not ready just yet to share weight loss stats. I’m waiting to see where I fall on the typical weight loss results of 2-5 pounds the first 2 weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

Delivery Times
Order fulfillment and delivery are really outstanding. I didn’t pay for expedited processing or faster shipping. I never do. My thought is that I’m already paying really good money for a product. If service is purposely lagged to make extra money, that company is scratched off my list. I never pay for expedited anything with any company and I always take the slow, free shipping. To this day I have never had a company diddle daddle with an order. Medifast was right on track with excellent shipping service.

I ordered late on a Thursday night, and the next morning at 7:30am received an Email letting me know my order had already shipped. I received my order 4 days later. Delivery times are really important to consider for how you want to order. I’m ordering 2 weeks at a time, only the foods I want to eat on a personally set menu. Nothing preset. A week into each new batch, I know I have the perfect amount of time to order my next 2 week menu.

The Food
I’m really happy. Everything is really good. I ordered things I know I love. The honey mustard pretzel sticks totally rock, I like all of the soups. So far, besides the pretzels, I’ve had southwest style eggs, Maryland style crab soup, chicken and rice, chicken noodle and cream of chicken soups and the cheese puffs. So good!

It did take a day of trial and error with the perfect soup consistency. When you put in your first order, you’ll receive a shaker jar. Use it {duh, right!?}. It says stir on the package directions, so I kept stirring. Everything needs a shake. I add my water, add my powder of whatever, shake like crazy for a few seconds, nuke in the microwave per directions and VOILA! Perfect every time. I’m completely satisfied. Prepping is so easy. I can have something heating in the microwave while I help my twin toddlers eat. Super, super convenient.

The cost of food is really fair, especially since nothing else has to be purchased to prep any of the foods. For two weeks work of food, 70 meals, with shipping, it only cost me $176.98. That’s only about $2.50 per meal. Spending $88 per week on all of my food is nothing. Jaime and I spend $60 a pop when we go out for sushi. In the end, it’s really saving us money.

They have a lot of really cool extras that can be added to your shopping list for special treats. They have water flavor infusers, gravy and seasoning mixes, crackers for the soups, sugar free syrup for the pancakes and more. I’m already adding to my wish list for my next order.

Overall Thoughts so Far
I am really impressed. I was extremely worried about having such a low calorie diet and such small meal servings with my busy schedule, but surprisingly, I am never hungry. Some days I even have trouble fitting in all the feedings, which for me, is a good problem to have.

Every day I have around 800 calories following the plan properly, and never had as much as a stomach grumble. That’s incredibly impressive to me because in the past, following 1400 calorie diets left me ravenous by nights end. It really puts in perspective how important it is to have low glycemic index foods and high fiber content.

So far, I’m in love. If you are on the fence about giving the program a try, I say don’t wait. Order two weeks, see what you think yourself, and go from there. I’ll be back with some measurement and weight stats in another week or so.

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