The Long Wait

So, here it is, a random Tuesday at just about 2:00pm. I'm swamped with work, have kids up to my eyeballs and I'm sitting. Why you ask? Because I'm waiting for the plumber. This isn't a service complaint by any means. It happens with any and every company that schedules 2 hour blocks of time, where they should show up.

With all of my extra sitting time, I was reflecting on how many occasions I've waiting in the past for cable people, phone people, other plumbers, gardeners - the works. Every time it's the same thing. I push my day around, rush to be sure I'm showered and appropriately dressed, eat a quick light snack with what little extra time I think I have - then 2 hours later I'm dying for lunch and afraid to start eating because "any minute now!" I just know in my bones that if I sit down to eat something, the doorbell will ring. I don't want to leave the phone, go outside in case I don't hear the front door, listen to the TV too loud - it cracks me up and makes me crazy all at the same time.

It just reminded me of an episode of Seinfeld. It's been a million years so I don't remember all of the details, but the gist was that Kramer waited for the cable guy and he never showed up. I think he rescheduled and just to retaliate, wasn't home when they showed up. Ahhhhhh - as an adult that episode has an entire new meaning. I think I'll try and find it so I can catch a giggle while I continue to wait.

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