What’s the Perfect Gift…

…to get the girl trying to lose 10 pounds? Well a popcorn machine of course! Do I smell sabotage?? I think so! Might as well spill some Medifast stats now, because I can already feel myself breaking down until after the holidays...I was losing a full pound a day, at least. I am really surprised. It's nice to know that even if I gain a few lbs. back over the next few weeks visiting with family, I can start right back up in January after I've had my fill of turkey and junk, and will still be fully ready for swimsuit season. Thank you Medifast!

I can’t help but be super thankful though. My husband was so romantic to remember that I’ve always wanted a popcorn machine. We haven’t been able to go to a theatre in years. The only reason I went was for a small popcorn and soda. I'm completely okay with catching a movie at home when it hits DVD, but the popcorn is never as good as the theatre. Now I can get the full movie out experience in the comfort of my own home, and the kids can scream all they want.

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