Cujo's Back

It has been 6 months since we brought home our twin girl kitties, and we finally finished picking our final name today. It's hard. Choosing a name for a pet isn't anything like it was when I was a kid. It was hilariously easy and generic back in the day...

black and white cat - Cow
cat with a mustache - Mustache
cat with a half mustache - Mini Mustache
cat with stripes - Stripey

For months we called our new cats Kitty and Sweet Kitty and waited for distinct personalities to build on, and physical traits to even tell them apart. I couldn't' tell one from the other the first few weeks.

First, we have Blacky. She's sweet and darker then our other kitty, hence the easy breezy name. She's so good with the kids. She nibbles just because she knows they like to scream about it. She's attentive and almost motherly with the boys. It's super adorable, and all the rough play she takes to help keep them entertained is mucho appreciated.

Then we have Cujo. Don't let that sweet little face fool you. She was previously Sweet Kitty, but over the holiday weekend we decided she was way too stubborn, crabby and flat out rude for that name. She took a few hiss and swings at company, so Cujo it is. It's much more fitting. She's the most darling cat to us, but I think the overnight visits with my dad's SUPER cute dog put her on edge. I could tell she was waiting for that little Dachshund to pop around the corner the entire week family was in town.

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