Ghosts for Real??

For starters, I never use to listen to talk radio. I had the biggest attitude about it. I was always cursing about how TV was for talk and radio was for music, and don't even get me started on what happened to MTV - music television!!?? I miss you.

When I moved to Missouri, I found myself listening to a morning talk show, because the show host sounds exactly like a friend of mine. I instantly identified with the comforting feeling of listening to a friend, when I had moved away from all of them. Diving into the actual content, I was hooked. Now I'm hopelessly addicted to Afentra's Big Fat Morning Show, and it didn't talk long for me to find The Church of Lazlo - and get addicted some more. I love my Buzz.

The Ghost
Okay - the other day on The Church of Lazlo, they hit a topic that has always been a huge fear of mine, as well as a weird addiction...ghosts. A friend of one of the hosts, has an actual haunted home and called in for spiritual detection. I was surprised at how awesomely legit the spiritual activists were. They don't charge. They are out there personally interested in real proof. They don't use any of the spook crap {mediums, psychics, etc...}.

I couldn't stop listening, and now I'm completely freaked out. They aired an actual recording of a ghost saying "I'm f*ck*ng dead." Thank goodness I was in my car, because I'm afraid listening to stuff like that in my home will open me up to things I don't want to be open to.

If you're brave, you can check out the unedited recording {HERE}

Food for Thought
I have lived and visited a few places that didn't feel quite right to me, and am so happy that the home we bought feels super clean from spirit activity. Not one area in the house makes me feel uneasy. The radio topic didn't stop me from tossing and turning all night anyway. I kept hearing that darn recording echoing in my head, and it got my mind rambling.

I always wonder weird things - if everyone dead has a spirit and they are existing on all these plains, isn't it crowded? Then that movie "The Others" kept running through my head. Is it like that? All existing in the same area with little to no notice of other things in the same space? What happens when the world eventually gets engulfed by the sun turning into a red giant, or some other natural unavoidable event? Is that going to be the end of the spiritual world too? Then I started laughing about the fart in the tub scene from the movie "High Spirits." Oh crud - I'm laughing again. Ghost farts, what a hilarious thought. These are just a few of the things that keep me up at night lately, thanks to Lazlo.

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