{recipe} Coq au Vin Fondue

My husband and I looooooooove The Melting Pot. Our issue is that we rarely get the opportunity to go out without kids, and we always choose The Melting Pot because we love it so much. Well, I already make every cheese fondue at home {don't worry, I'll spill recipes later} and the chocolate fondue - the only thing that's left on our list is the main course fondues.

I've been meaning to tackle the recipes so we can melt pot at home and finally go somewhere else for our rare date nights, but we needed the right kind of fondue pot first. Over the weekend, I finally bought my dream fondue pot. It does meat, cheese and chocolate...I LOVE IT! My first recipe to share is my version of the Coq au Vin fondue broth. Super easy...

3.5 cups chicken {or vegetable} broth or stock
1/2 cup any red wine
1/2 cup sliced mushrooms
2 teaspoons garlic
Small bunch of green onions, diced

Throw everything into your fondue pot and bring to a gentle simmer...done! Seriously...done. Start cooking your dippers. The average cooking times are 1-2 minutes for shrimp and lobster, 2-3 minutes for pork and chicken, and depending on how well you like your beef cooked, 1-3 minutes for beef.

Tips and Tricks- Veggies
After you bring your broth to a simmer, throw in hollowed mushrooms, small potatoes and baby carrots to pull out and eat after 10-15 minutes. Add any veggies you like really - broccoli and cauliflower also turn out fantastic.

The Dippers
I like to pepper crust and marinate all of my meats over night just like The Pot, so they have their own flavor. This time around, we made an herb and garlic crusted chicken, pepper crusted beef and lemon squeezed lobster.

Sauce it Up
Lay out some dipping sauces! Honey mustard, teriyaki, gorgonzola, Goddess, BBQ, wing sauce, a variety of dressings - go crazy!
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