{review} Cajun Grocer

I made a little bloop of a blog post on a wish list an exact year and a half ago, about Cajun Grocer. It’s an amazing online shop where you can get all of your New Orleans classic favorite foods, delivered right to your front door.

My mother’s side of the family is from Louisiana. We use to visit very often, hopping from Metairie, to Sulpher, Mulberry and a slew of other towns. With family relocated to Texas and a few other surrounding areas, we haven’t had the chance to visit in forever it seems.

I MISS THE FOOD!! There is no other place like it in the entire world. The air is different, the cuisine is completely different, the art, the culture, the trends - on my list of places to visit, New Orleans is my #1 absolute top recommendation.

Finding my way back to the food - I'm an incredible cook, but there are some recipes I have not attempted yet, specifically etouffee and gumbo. With Cajun Grocer by my side, I can get all of my fresh food favorites, well within my budget, and fit into my hectic schedule. I highly recommend this site for anyone looking to find there faves, or give Louisiana cuisine a try.

I could have easily spent over $300 because my list of cravings is endless, but I scaled back a bit. What did I order?? Two pounds of pork boudin {a Louisiana must try!}, crawfish pies, shrimp and stone ground cheese grits, crawfish etouffee, crab and shrimp stuffed jalapeno, lump crab cakes, seafood gumbo, crawfish augratin, praline pecan sweet potato casserole, and FINALLY, a remoulade sauce to go with my crab cakes and stuffed jalapenos. Yeah, I went nuts...Everything is AMAZING!! I will be ordering from the Cajun Grocer very often in the future.

If you would like to give Cajun a try, use coupon code:


…before January 25th 2012, and receive 12% of your entire order. A detail I almost forgot to mention…every time you order, you rack up points, saving you cash on future orders. How great is that!?

Some other highly recommended classics on my list:

Don’t let that list stop you from going wild! Definitely pass me a note when you’ve given the food a try and find a new love. If you love it, I want to buy and try too.

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