Day Trip!

I finally made my way out to Whole Foods to pick up my month’s supply of wheatgrass juice. What a long day. Every single time we go, we always have to pick up sweet brown rice mochi, frozen fruit pops for Jaime and SUSHI! I love Whole Foods.

We also rolled out to Nebraska Furniture, another place we practically live. We picked up a few things there too - two desks so Jaime could set up a hub extravaganza, a thingy to hold my phone and charge it when I use the navi, and I could not pull myself out of the “as seen on TV” section.

You know, people crack jokes, but they have the COOLEST stuff! I almost picked up some litter box mesh bags and that baked taco salad pan set. I don’t even know what I would put in a baked taco shell, but HELLO - new recipes!

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