DIY - Painting & Distressing Wood Furniture

While everyone was playing around enjoying their President’s Day, I had a few surprises up my sleeve. My husband has never seen me paint furniture, varnish furniture or distress furniture - but I can do it all.

To keep him from freaking out over the process and the colors, I did it on my own while he was at work. My hope was to surprise him {happily surprise}, so he will consider releasing the reigns and let me go to town in the guest bedroom.

Our Problem
We have moved several times. We’ve spent a fair amount of money on new décor for every room in the house, and are tightening the purse strings for our master bedroom and guest room. Not a problem if you know how to reinvent old furniture.

In our bedroom we had a modern Japanese style bed from an urban apartment 4 years ago, old vintage furniture from when I was a teenager and a hideous vanity that make absolutely no sense, and is kind of messed up. The doors don’t shut right.

What I Did
I painted the old vintage furniture to exactly match our black Japanese style bed. That instantly made it look like we owned a nice bedroom set that came together.

Then I modernized my alarm clock that I’ve had for 2 decades. I was feeling inspired by the 80’s music I’ve been soaking up recently.

Then finally, I painted and distressed our vanity. Now we have this entirely new feel - very shabby chic. A little futuristic modern and black, mixed with a little 80’s flair and some old world vintage, from the inspired vanity.

Total Cost: $20

No, you read it right. It only cost me $20 and half a day.

How I Paint Furniture
I keep it super simple. I buy a medium sized sponge brush and interior primer + paint {the kind that’s all in one, primer and paint}. That’s it! I actually paint right out of the bucket. You’re going to go over the furniture in a few thin layers, letting each layer dry in between. It typically only takes me 2-3 coats max, and I’m done.

How to Distress {antique}
I’m not a professional painter, but I have seen my fair share of vintage furniture. It all looks the same - cracked and dented in some middle areas, with roughed up, totally worn edges. I can do that! I go to town on all the edges with a butter knife. Yeah…it’s free and really fun. I scrape down all the edges and bang the crap out of random parts so it looks like it has been moved and dropped over the past 30 years.

Future Plans
I hope this post will help to inspire others that are on a designing budget like we are. I am really looking forward to showing off what I do with our empty guest bedroom. I am planning to completely redesign and furnish it, all for under $150. I know I can do it. I can’t wait to prove it to myself and share my tips!

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