{recipe} Herbal Hair Mask

This hair mask is incredible! I created it about 5 years ago when I use to bleach my hair blonde {I know, so bad!}. Not only does it make your hair smell amazing for days, it will completely eliminate scalp itch, will reduce and get rid of any redness or irritation, reduce and eventually get rid of dandruff, will smooth, soften and add brilliant shine.

Don’t spend your money on expensive salon treatments - for less than a dollar per dose, this mask is the equivalent of a protein mask, hot oil treatment, clarifying treatment and a pH balancing treatment. Put your money towards a full body massage, or some other self-pampering treat.

I know what you’re thinking already…mayonnaise!?!? YES! It is all you need. You can even use it alone if you just want a moisturizing shine treatment. Let’s break down the ingredients...

Olive Oil: Mends split ends, adds moisture, gives drab hair a healthy dose of shine, helps regain the manageability of your style, helps hair to hold curls better and straighten better and adds extra softness.

Vinegar: Rebalances pH, closes the hairs cuticles making it less prone to breakage, damage, weathering and adds immense shine, cleans and clarifies old product build up, kills bacteria, cures dandruff and adds luster to hair.

Egg: Relives dandruff, infuses hair with much needed proteins, creates silkier more manageable hair, prevents breakage, adds volume, and reflects light making hair appear even more radiant.

Soybean Oil: Immense hydrating properties, insanely nutrient rich, helping to provide nourishment and strength, moisture balance, softness and shine.

Canola Oil: The high content of sterol can actually repair damaged cells, smooth split ends and provide a protective barrier that prevents further damage.

...and that was just sitting in your fridge!

To punch up the itch and irritation-be-gone power of your extravagant mayo base, you’re simply going to stir in all of the essential oils. Apply to the scalp and hair, paying extra attention to massaging the scalp. Wrap your hair in either a hair mask bonnet, or roll with saran wrap and let the mask do its work for 20 minutes. Jump in the shower and wash and conditioner hair like normal.

How I Wrap My Hair {common home things}
I take 2 long pieces of toilet paper {hey, no laughing…this works great!} and fold them in half, then in half again, lengthwise. Wrap one along the hair line from the front and tuck behind the ears, then wrap one along the hair line from behind and tuck behind the ears. This will keep any of the mask from getting on your skin. Then wrap with saran wrap.

The Results...

And just think, this picture was taken with my horrible camera phone...

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