Valentine’s Day {+ coupon code!}

Every year it’s the same old thing - people start asking me what my Valentine’s Day plans are, and I think “OMG, Valentine’s Day!?” We were in the store, saw some balloons that reminded us of the day again. I looked at Jaime and asked “order out sushi and I’ll pick something special up for dessert?” Plans made. We were relieved and happy. I feel so lucky, every day, that I’ve found someone I’m so in sync with. I sincerely wish that type of special intimacy for everyone.

So the big surprise, is my secret/not so secret anymore, order to Vosges Chocolates {which we already received and have been eating, we're so bad!}. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned them a few times before. It is my absolute favorite chocolatier connection. They have an amazing assortment and it has been about 3 years since I’ve been able to have something sent.

In this little Valentine’s Package:

I went overboard as always. What can I say!? I was hungry when I ordered. I picked us up a box of Bapchi’s Caramel Toffee, some Day of the Dead Skulls, Chocolate Hearts and a few gourmet chocolate bars.

A few tips for amazing savings if you want to try Vosges:
  • Order during cold winter months. The shipping is half the price. I can pretty much order anything November through March for shipping under $10.
  • Check out the sale section! They have incredible finds for up to 50% off. This time around I ordered some Day of the Dead sculls and a few chocolate bars out of the sale section. They were incredible!
  • Sign up to use their mobile alerts, or to receive there newsletter, to be the first to know about special sales and free shipping offers.
  • Use coupon code 613TICKET to receive 15% off any full price items in your order.

Early Happy Valentine's Day!!

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