A Very Fine Time to Talk about Wine

I love wine! My husband loves wine. If it didn’t make me a total lush, I’d drink it all day every day. I guess that’s what juice is for before 5:00pm.

There isn’t one varietal where I haven’t found a vineyard that knocks it out of the park, but I do typically stick with Riesling. Riesling really is the beer of wines. It’s good alone and pretty much with any type of food. If I don’t feel like thinking, or taking the chance of a food clash, I go Riesling.

I’ve run it all down a couple of years ago, but here it is again. An easy little breeze list to help with pairing and choosing what you think you may like, plus a printable cheat sheet. Especially if you’re new to wine, it will really help you out in restaurants and wine market situations. There is nothing wrong with a little cheating when it comes to wine...


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