DIY Bed Set - swatch share

Recently we up and decided to set up a guest room. I had a really strict budget because I’ve sort of gone wild with my purchases in the rest of the house. I set a budget of $150, was insistent on going 100% DIY and everything had to look really bright, clean, colorful and modern. What would have been the most expensive item in the room actually ended up being the cheapest.

On Craigslist, I found and bought an old beat up queen size vintage headboard with the attached bed frame. I didn’t want anything beautiful because I would never paint over something that was already nice. All together I bought this little guy below for $35…

…and with a few light coats of Sherwin Williams new Tantalizing Teal in satin, ended up with my new bed. Go DIY! That’s Whole Foods money in my pocket!

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