[DIY] From Drab to Fab

Yeah…I got into another DIY project over the weekend. I’m such an addict. I love that the places I frequent for material, the people have started asking me about what I’m doing next. I never know. I just get an idea and run with it.

This time I updated a very old, very heavy dresser. I was lucky that my husband found one with gold handles. If you’re trying to recreate this look, you can prime and spray all of your hardware gold. That was my original plan.

Total Project Cost: $50

Hubby found the dresser on Craigslist and talked them down to taking $40. Paint cost me about $10.

This is a really easy job. I purchased a quart of primer + paint in Regal Purple [color swatch below] and a sponge brush. I started painting [sponging]. It’s that simple. I do anywhere from 3-5 light coats on average. This job took me 3 light coats of paint.

I let it dry for 24 hours before putting everything back together and 72 hours before setting anything on top of it. I like to be ginger with it for an entire month so I know it’s really hard cured. By ginger, I mean not letting my kids roll there toy cars all over it. Subject it to as little abuse as possible for a month, then do whatever you want with it.

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