DIY Gallery Wall [tutorial]

Over the weekend I had the best time putting together a really large gallery wall. Our main bathroom is pretty large and we never use it for showers, so it was the perfect place to play around and add a little pizazz.

My entire cost for the project: $22 

And this is how I did it…

I bought 20 old frames from the thrift store for a whopping total of $8. Then I picked up black satin multipurpose spray paint and a quart of satin interior paint in Palomino Gold [color swatch to follow], marking my total to $22.

1. Take all the glass and accompaniments out of the frames. Number your frames with a corresponding number for everything that comes out of it. This is really helpful in the end. You can put everything together in minutes.

2. I wanted the majority of my frames to be black. I kept 2 white and 3 in a variety of bronzed tones. The rest I threw on 2 light coats of primer, then followed with 2 light coats of black.

3. In between drying coats of paint, I cleaned up all of the glass from the frames. They were super old and pretty dirty, plus they had price tags on all of the glass. TIP: rubbing alcohol, just a little sprits and wipe with a paper towel, will remove every bit of price tag glue.

4. I measured all of my frames and printed out a variety of photos to fit.

5. When everything was dry, I put the photos into the correct frames.

6. I taped a perfect 3 foot wide area from the floor base board to the ceiling for my paint area. I use nothing but multi-purpose frog tape and a leveler. Frog tape is amazing. You can quickly and easily get perfect lines without any bleeding. Then I painted 2 layers of Palomino Gold.

7. When my wall was dry, I started hanging all of my photos. To hang, I use one little tack nail, then I attach Scotch multi-purpose fasteners on the bottom.

Voila! Simple as that. If you have a Saturday morning to kill, this is the perfect quick and easy project to fill a bare wall on a dime. You can also go floor to ceiling with this design. I’m not able to just yet because my twin toddlers are d├ęcor terrors. I’ll fill it out when they grow out of that stage.

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