[DIY] Metal Vases & Other Unique Touches

Recently I finished putting together our entire guest room on a knock out budget. Along with a few things that I already had, I completely furnished and decorated for $150. We’re talking bed, designer shelf knock off, new vases, expensive looking touches on old things that were already laying around. I’m here to share tips and tricks for others designing on a budget, or who want to stay green.

What I’m going to share today, is my easy 2 step process to creating “metal” vases out of old jars you can pick up at the thrift store for pennies. I used the same process to turn an old light switch cover and boring old plug covers to carry the look throughout the guest room.

Paint Supplies
1 can grey primer spray paint
1 can metallic spray paint
Some newspaper to lay under your painting project

Step 1
In a low wind, well-ventilated area, lay all of your pieces on newspaper. Cover with the primer spray paint. Two very light layers usually does the job of covering everything 100%. Just let the layers dry in between. The new spray paints guarantee drying in 15 minutes or less, so its’ a quick job.

Step 2
Add your metallic spray paint! You can use gold, bronze, silver, copper, anodized purple metallic, black metallic…whatever you like. Same process as using the primer. Just go to town on everything with a few light layers until everything is covered. Let it dry a few minutes and VOILA! You have new stuff. Aren’t you smart!

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