Do I Dare Hair

I’ve always been very brave when it comes to changing my hair. I’ve had a lot of different looks over the years. I’ve had long and wavy, long and curly, blonde, orange, purple, black, a pixie cut, angled bobs - all types…lots of experimenting.

I’ve gotten really bland over the last 3 years with the kids. During my twin pregnancy, I instantly reverted from a blonde pixie cut to long, curly and brunette [my natural fallback]. After a year or so of growing it out, I felt I needed at least a touch of edge and brought back my fail proof angled bob.

It’s not that I don’t love these two classic looks. I’ve had them so many times in my life, they bore me. Of course I’m not doing anything stylish with either look. I guess I’m boring myself. 

ANYWAY I found a new cut that I’m going to try out during my next visit to the salon.  The above cut with my natural color. I'm not really sure what it is...a type of pixie cut??? Yes - it is scary. I’m not as brave as I once was. I don’t know if it will only look cute on me, will look sexy, or if I’ll look like a boy. 

A few years back none of those things would have bothered me, but I’ve grown timid. I don’t have the opportunity to do much with myself. I desperately hold onto at least looking decent because my entire life pretty much revolves around my twin toddlers. I don't have the extra time to strive for more than decent. 

But, I’m going to do it… It will be during my next salon visit [8-12 weeks from today]… and I’ll post pics… I really hope it turns out okay…


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