Extortion at Babies “R” Us

When it’s really cold out, there aren’t many options for burning time around here. From what I’ve heard, the closest indoor mall is a few hours away. Everything is outside except Air Zone, which is a germ trap during cold and flu season.

So we wasted away some of our morning at Babies “R” Us. The kids love looking around, I love looking around. I was checking out hats, sunglasses and jogging strollers. Then we got to the toys and the whining and insanity broke out. In less than 10 minutes I was buying Cookie Monster slippers and Mickey Mouse jingle toys and trying to make a run for it before they saw anything else that would make them cry.

Note to Self: No toy stores alone. I can’t handle it. If I’m with my husband, rolling around with two screaming kids is no problem. When I’m by myself, it’s really embarrassing, so I buy things we don’t necessarily need to make a clean getaway. But whatever. I’m watching them play with everything now. There so happy. Thank goodness for the big sale they were having.

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