Planning a [maybe] Party

Our twin boys have their 3rd birthday coming up in May. We have been tossing around the idea of having an actual party for them. I am really excited and really nervous. It’s pretty much all excitement. I’m only nervous, maybe just over excited, about the little details. We’re between two ideas:

1: Air Zone
We can have a completely private party. The entire place will be ours. With overly active kids, they can be run like wild horses and calm them down a bit. That’s always a good thing with a building full of toddlers.

We get to have our hands in more of the details. We can get a specialty cake {Blue’s Clues and/or Sponge Bob}, we can have party trays or full catering, decide on our own menu. The flexibility is really nice. It gives us the opportunity to decide between early catered breakfast, or a later lunch/dinner.

2: Chuck E. Cheese
A little more public, the menu choices are already available on site, we can have them supply the cake. It’s pretty much the one-stop, don’t lift a finger, party spot. The only limit would be having absolutely, a lunch or dinner party. I’m not eating pizza and cake at 9:30am.

The Debate
With more ingredients in the final party recipe, there are more opportunities for things to go awry. Picking up party platters would put more responsibility in my hands, which always go right. If I’m doing it, it will be done. Having someone come and cater sounds amazing to lift the responsibility, but I know people who cater, and subsequently, know of the insanely random things that can go wrong.

Parents are early morning people. If I go Air Zone, I can do a full breakfast with coffee, orange juice, the works. Mornings are early and hard. Parents are burned out by 11:00am. I can create a sanctuary where people can come hungry, eat, play…your entire morning is taken care of. I can’t do that in PizzaVille.

Chuck E. Cheese has wild packages. I can go balloons, cake, crowns, tokens, piƱata, 3D place mats, cake, ice cream, host/hostess, adult food, take away gift bags and more, all in one package. All I’d have to bring is myself, kids, hubby and in-laws.

I love DIY. Sure, I’d have to do more, but I live for the opportunity to load up at JoAnn’s crafts and put together takeaway packages, balloons and who knows what else I’ll learn about via Pinterest before then.

This is a toughie…

Links! Please email me and tell me about your cake making sites, takeaway packaging sites, pay for printable sites, etc...greatly appreciated. We're in the market...

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