What Happened to Our Halloween

Last year we completely missed out on Halloween. I was so sad...

For days I scoured the internet for themed costumes so my twin boys would go together, but not match. Every time I found something amazing, one costume was sold out, or one wouldn’t have the right size. It was so infuriating because I started way in advanced, knowing costumes sell out early for the biggest costume day of the year. I’ve been through this before with internet picks for myself.

Maybe I should mention why last year was so important…

It was my kids first Halloween! Not there first/first, but the first one they cared to go out in a costume and trick-or-treat. I really wanted it to be special. I was so freakishly excited about dressing up, knocking on doors, letting them see all the cool neighborhood d├ęcor, running into other kids to show off costumes. All the cool stuff I remember enjoying as a kid.

Back to the Shopping...

We finally found two Wizard of Oz knock offs. I was fuming about that too. I wanted the real thing…but whatever. We found a Lion and a Scarecrow. I ordered them immediately, they came in the mail. They were super cute. I washed, hung dried, de-wrinkled…the works. We tried them on and took lots of pictures.

First, we missed the work gathering at my hubbies place the weekend before Halloween. I was peeved, but still had the actual day to look forward to. Halloween day, all was going swimmingly. Kids went to preschool daycare in the AM, came home for naps. Parker woke up with a crazy high temperature - around 104. His body randomly decided to reset to burn off something. Funny thing is, he only had the temperature until he woke up the next morning. Thank you 16 hour bug.

I had to send Jaime out for last minute candy so the neighborhood kids wouldn’t loot our home. We spent the night controlling Parker’s temp and watching the kids stare out the door at the other kids running around the neighborhood. They did have a good time handing out candy, thankfully.  It was still a really nice time, just not the exact time I was hoping for.

My biggest regret: We only took preliminary pics on our camera phones. We were saving the good photos with the pro camera for the special day. Argh! All I have are scratchy old photos.

So here it is, March 2013. We haven’t had the kids 3rd birthday yet, my birthday, Jaime’s birthday - none of it and I’m already excited about Halloween. I’m really hoping this year works out. I’m seriously going to order my costumes in early summer.

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