What to Do

About our lawn…

It is seriously sad! I’ve never cared about grass before, watering, green vs. brown, bald spots. It’s a pain to maintain a nice lawn, and I hate how much fresh water it wastes. Now that I have kids running around barefoot, I’m tempted to go all white picket fence on our yard.

I guess my biggest issue is where to start. Attempting to go the eco-friendly route, I recently called and got a quote on a fake lawn. HOLY MOLY is that expensive! It would be around $60,000 to do our yard. I don’t think so. I love the idea of not having to do anything, ever, but it isn’t worth that much.

If I decide to do it, REALLY decide I’m going to deal with that whole mess, I think it’s going to take a lot of work, time and money. Not as much as an artificial lawn, but from my estimates could easily cost around $2400 a year.

To that figure, I’ve added professional lawn care [someone to come out and kill weeds, oversee the general lawn health, aeration, vericutting, seeding], the cost of putting in a general “hose use” sprinkler system and the water bill.

If I cut out pro help, it may be around a $500 initial investment, and about $1200 a year to maintain. I just don’t know. It all seems so crazy. Maybe I should carpet in the back yard and call it day??

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